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Premium portable toilets in Rushville, IL

Fast and reliable portable toilet service!
In Rushville , IL we provide excellent portable toilets for domestic or commercial use, including building sites and private functions.
We can accomodate both small and large jobs with over 300 regular toilets, plus a large amount of handicap units as well as lift units for cranes and hand wash stations. Large constructions jobs and special events are a focus for us, but we don't stray away from the small jobs! We pump septic systems as well as install them, with four pump trucks from 300 to 4400 gallons to cover any kind of job. We´re experieced in putting in traditional systems with drainfields as well as aeration systems and sand filters. Small site excavation is available with our skid steer, track hoe, dozer and semi dump trailer.
Call or visit us today and you will see why we are the preferred supplier of premium portable toilets.
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Speak with us today if you need portable toilets for your function or construction site. We have the best products and service in Rushville to suit all your needs. 
• Block units
• Single units
• Hand wash stations
• Catering sinks
• Toilets for the disabled
We provide the latest and most advanced portable toilets, including freshwater flush toilets. Call us for a free estimate!

About us

Greer Port-A-Potty And Septic Tank Pumping is a leading supplier of portable toilets. We have developed an extensive portfolio of successful business based on dedication and customer satisfaction. We are a family owned company that has been in operation since 1984, specializing in sepctic services.
We deliver exemplary service to our clients in Rushville, making sure you get the solution you’re looking for. Our owner stays on site during most projects to ensure accuracy and quality. All of our products are suitable for festivals, concerts, private parties or functions and building sites. If you need a portable toilet for any occasion, you can count on us to deliver. Call us today for friendly, efficient service.
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